About Me

    I  am  Pratik Nayek ,resident of India and at present I have pursued graduation—the  phase  where  i  experienced  the  power  of  having  an  insight  in  learning, Being a graduate i was  open  to  putting  my  hands  on  varied  tasks   ,which  i  perceived  as   exploring and expanding my knowledge towards places  of  my  choice  viz. the  field based  industries.I have worked with NGO,in financial markets,in the  marketing field, have been a part of the media group i.e Channel [V] and also a part of the largest investors group The Indian Angel Network.As  this is my learning phase so am not so keen  on  any  kind  of  specialisation  in  industries ,rather I aspire to be ‘The Jack of all Trades’,
i  understand  it  to  be  one  of  the  ways  of  beginning  afresh  to  be  engaged  in  any  department  of  an  organisation,.

Apart  from  my  work  vision,  I  also  treasure  a  passion  for  Ornithology as well as Herpetology.  In  this  blog i am showing my concern and likelihood towards the most beautiful and endangered creatures of this planet.

My research and   curiosity is  for those species which are endangered and require attention and concern for their existence with the mankind.I have also written for WWF-India (Cities for forests) and also have published numerous articles on various topics via.Ezine & Squidoo.I also have a second blog http://pratiknayek.blogspot.in/  where I have shared stories about special people and with what it would keep us motivated  with

Hope you all like it and will always be welcomed to share your views and ideas. 

With  all  acts  emanating  from  one  source  of  inspiration—here  i  get  the  glimpses  of  the  exploration  of  Charles  Darwin’s  theory  of  evolution.


Pratik Nayek

Email: myblog.prats@gmail.com 

Pratik Nayek On G+


27 comments on “About Me

  1. Good going Pratik,great way to show your interest,great to know about you.Keep posting i would be glad to bdm updated.

  2. Amazing work Pratik..i knew dat u r an extra ordinary boy who does only fruitful thing during his leisure n dis proves it..its nice n even i should be inspired by u..well done n hope so u be lyk ds forevr n be a source of information(google) for me 🙂

  3. Excellent work,bro gud time management, your all day busy and then also find time to fulfil your hobby keep writing.. Make it a social thing.

  4. awesome work…looks of the blog is good…just a suggestion…can you make a background which is a more in contrast to the blogs background…it would give a better feeling…:)
    as a whole great ..!!!

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